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Our Learning and Academics


We strive to develop aspiring, spiritual, positive, inspiring, resilient and empathetic young men who will provide outstanding service and leadership in our world. Our curriculum offers our students the breadth to find their passion and to develop their God-given gifts, but also the structure to ensure that they have a strong basis of knowledge to prepare them for any path ahead. We encourage our students to think critically, and wherever we can, give students agency over their own learning. We provide a dynamic curriculum across English, Humanities, Maths, Sciences, Languages and the Arts, and offer extensive Sport, Music and Performing Arts programs to all students.

Learning and Academics

As part of our commitment to ensuring that every student feels known, heard and understood, our Learning Enhancement Program covers the individual needs of students at all year levels, focusing on a spectrum of learning difficulties and gifted and talented programs, with support provided through specialist staff and external professionals.

Early Years (3-year-old Kindergarten - Year 4)
At Burke Hall Campus

In the Early Years at Burke Hall, we teach the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), which promotes a transdisciplinary approach to education. The Victorian Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework Curriculum also strongly influences the way in which we view our students and shape and deliver content in the classroom.

2. Our Learning & Academics

Middle Years (Year 5 - Year 8)
At Burke Hall Campus and Kostka Hall Campus

In the Middle Years, the curriculum is taught sequentially using an inquiry approach. This gives students increased responsibility for their own learning and placing an emphasis on intellectual development, negotiation skills and peer support, and also allows students to progress according to their differing rates of accomplishment.

Senior Years (Year 9 - Year 12)
At the Senior Campus

In Years 9 and 10, an extensive range of course options enable students to tailor their studies according to their emerging interests and talents. The curriculum is designed to increase students’ understanding of the disciplines they are considering at the VCE level, so that they can make fully informed choices moving into their final years.

Learning and Academics

In Years 11 and 12, students have a range of options. Most commonly, students undertake VCE, but Vocational Education and Training (VET) units and some university studies are also offered. Xavier College strives for academic results at the VCE level to be of the highest standard, reflecting our commitment to academic excellence.

Our Learning and Academics

In the Senior Years, students are divided into 10 Houses. From Year 9 onwards, each student is assigned a tutor from within their house to oversee both their academic progression and overall wellbeing. This tutor group system provides students with support, encouragement and a strong sense of community.

In the Jesuit tradition, the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP) encourages students to adopt a lifelong love of learning and a focus on understanding, experience and reflection in their studies, involvement in social justice programs, performance on the stage and participation on the sporting field. This structure has been the basis of the curriculum since the very beginning of Jesuit education and speaks to what we value most about education and curriculum as a holistic human endeavour.