A Jesuit education instills in students a lifelong love of learning. Our students are encouraged to seek the best for themselves through a continuing openness to growth in all areas of their lives: intellectual, spiritual, moral, aesthetic, physical and emotional. All students have the opportunity to experience a full range of intellectual, creative and physical activities. They can help clarify career options and kindle passionate interests that will endure well beyond their school years. All co-curricular activities are aimed at ensuring a student receives a fully-rounded education at Xavier College.

  • Leadership

    The philosophy of leadership at Xavier College is built on the principles of Ignatian leadership, drawing on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. These principles are very much in keeping with modern leadership theory today.

    The most fundamental principle is that all have the potential to be leaders, regardless of whether they hold a particular title or designated leadership position. All students, through their daily academic classes, contribution to service programs, involvement in sport, music, drama and public-speaking, are encouraged to be positive and to demonstrate leadership.

    At all stages of schooling there are significant leadership opportunities for all students.

    On the Senior Campus there are myriad formal leadership positions where students can show particular leadership skills in designated areas. All of these leaders have teacher mentors.

    The two formal structures for leadership on the Senior Campus are:

    • Students Leadership Team – College Captain, College Vice Captains, House Presidents and Portfolio Prefects
    • House Councils (10 of these – one from each House) made up of representatives from Years 9-12

    In term 3, aspiring Year 11 student leaders are invited to participate in a series of seminars on an Ignatian approach to leadership in preparation for specific roles in the Student Leadership Team the following year. 

  • Music
    Xavier students have numerous opportunities to develop their musical talents. In addition to theory classes, they can learn to play a wide variety of instruments and be part of the school’s many orchestras, ensembles and bands.
  • Art
    Art is an integral part of education at Xavier College in both Art History and practical classes. Students can express their talents through a variety of media, ranging from traditional modes of artistic expression to multi-media creations and digital art.
  • Drama
    Play-acting is an aspect of every young person’s life and from it, as the students move through the college, comes the study of Drama and Theatre. Creative performance, often with other schools, is a key element; so too are directing, stage-managing and all the technical aspects of theatre.
  • Sport
    Xavier College offers its students a wide variety of sports catering for the different talents within the student population. There are over 20 different sports on offer for students to participate in throughout the year with a strong following of support groups and associated teams in the Xavier Community. There is a strong emphasis on developing a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and on acquiring team skills and the ability to work and play co-operatively with others.
  • Local and Overseas Study Tours
    At Xavier College, students are able to participate in a broad range of study tours and exchanges to at least five countries, as well as to Aboriginal communities within Australia.
  • Debating
    There is a long and proud tradition of Public-Speaking and Debating at Xavier College. When one considers the major tenets of a Jesuit education with an emphasis on thinking, reflecting and developing ideas, the articulate expression of such ideas is the natural consequence of these priorities in Ignatian pedagogy.
  • Outdoor Education
    Xavier College has a comprehensive Outdoor Education Program which runs from the Early Years through to Year 12.
  • Sustainability

    Sustainability at Xavier College 

    Pope Francis, sometimes described as the ‘Green Pope’, is well known for his views on climate change. His recent encyclical Laudato Si’, (On Care for our Common Home), urgently appealed for a ‘new dialogue on how we are shaping the planet’.

    We have to realise that a true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. - Laudato Si’ (49)

    Sustainability programs at Xavier College have been growing in energy, enthusiasm and momentum. We are delighted to have all three campuses signed up to the ResourceSmart Schools program. This is a Victorian Government initiative that helps schools benefit from embedding sustainability into everything they do. Schools take action to minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Burke Hall, Kostka Hall and the Senior Campus have been working together to gather baseline data on campus resource consumption, reviewing curriculum, infrastructure and daily operations and recognising prior achievements and opportunities for improvement. The three campuses have introduced a new comingled recycling program, organised a pedal powered smoothie and veggie/plant stall at the Maytime Fair, explored the eco-house created by the New Joneses during a student excursion to City Square and hosted a sustainability fieldtrip, The Yarra River Walk, at the 2016 Jesuit Education Conference. The walk was proposed to be a practical experience of Pope Francis’ message of ‘Care for Our Common Home’.

    If you would like to know more about sustainability at Xavier College, please contact:

    Bronwen Kellett (Senior Campus)

    Mark Beers (Burke Hall)

    Gerry Sullivan (Kostka Hall)