Counselling Services

Counselling services are offered as required to serve the educational needs and mental well- being of all students at the College.

Counselling plays a significant role in assisting students to develop decision-making skills, social emotional awareness and to create and implement personal goal-setting plans.

  • Psycho-Educational Assessment
    The College Counsellors, after consultation with classroom teachers and tutors, make use of interviews, group and individual tests to determine:
    • learning aptitude and cognitive style
    • academic achievement level and skills
    • social skills
    • personality and emotional development.

    Results are used to help students enhance their aspirations and performance.

  • Training Programs

    The College Counsellors may provide educational programs to help parents, school staff and students to be more effective in areas such as:

    • child development and parenting skills
    • self-esteem
    • study skills
    • coping with grief and loss.
  • Consultation
    In responding to problems with academic performance or emotional health, the Counsellors may work with parents, teachers and other school personnel to develop an approach that can best help students to grow and learn. In consultation with parents, community agencies and external services may be invited to work with them and with teachers to further enhance programs offered at the College.