Faith and Service

A Jesuit education inspires the individual to find God in all things. An open heart and an inquiring mind are the basis for a rich and fulfilling life.

A Jesuit education integrates faith and reason, encouraging a deep level of reflection in everything we do. The way to wisdom encompasses discernment  and understanding. It challenges, questions and engages with others. It is a personal journey of discovery – drawing out those God-given talents and beliefs that will set hearts on fire for life. It is one of the greatest gifts a Jesuit education can offer.

As a Catholic school, Xavier College’s mission includes helping to form our students in their spirituality, grounded in the life of Jesus and the key aspects of the Catholic faith. 

  • Contributing to the Community

    A Jesuit education seeks to impart a vision of a better world and engenders in students a powerful sense of personal responsibility for helping to shape that better world through leadership and service.

    At Xavier College there is a strong focus on preparing students for a life of service in the community. They are taught to view the society in which they live with critical eyes and to apply their creative and questioning minds to the challenge of making a positive difference. In pursuing this goal, their model is Jesus Christ who served others with selfless generosity and dedication.

    As St Ignatius said, “Love ought to manifest itself in deeds rather than words.” Through the College’s many Ignatian Service programs, students come into contact with people who are marginalised within our society and discover the value and rewards of offering their time and talents in the service of others.

    Xavier College’s Ignatian Service programs are compulsory from Years 5 to 11.