Our Campuses

Xavier College was named after St Francis Xavier, one of the closest friends of St Ignatius of Loyola. Together with five other companions, they founded the Jesuit order in 1540. Jesuit principles of education emphasise the centrality of the Catholic faith, pursuit of excellence, development of the whole person, care of each individual (Cura Personalis), and service to others. These principles define all aspects of life at Xavier. We are part of a world-wide network of Jesuit schools that collectively educate nearly two million students.

We understand the crucial importance of laying the foundation for the future of your son and daughter. From skills, passion and work ethic to self-image and place in the community, the journey begins here.

At Xavier we educate students from Early Years (3 year olds) to VCE.

We have three campuses: Kostka Hall, Brighton (3 year olds to Year 8, co-education to Year 4); Burke Hall, Kew (3 year olds to Year 8, co-education to Year 4) and the Senior Campus, Kew (Year 9 to 12, all boys including boarding).

We aim to develop students who will become men and women of conscience, competence and compassion, who are able to bring about a more peaceful and just society by example and deeds.

Beyond mere bricks and mortar, the facilities at Xavier support both the guidance and nurturing of our girls and boys with, as a priority, an active, safe and secure learning environment. 

Recognising the time demands placed upon parents, and in keeping with our commitment to all aspects of a child’s welfare, we offer an out-of-school-hours care program at both Burke Hall and Kostka Hall for Early Years students.