Xavier College produces a number of publications to keep its community well informed, entertained and able to participate fully in all Xavier College activities.

Xavier College E Newsletter

A fortnightly electronic newsletter that enables the Rector, Principal and each campus to keep the community informed of events and news. The E Newsletter can be viewed effortlessly on all types of mobile devices. Feel free to browse through our recent editions by clicking here.


The Xaverian is the College Annual Yearbook written by staff and students, which represents a summary of all events, happenings and stories each year. 

Xavier College Books

With a history that spans over 130 years, many books, novels, poems and insights have been published about Xavier College. 

  • Xavier by the Mountains - Peter Hawkins. This novel looks at the influence that ‘Buxton” the college camp site had on the people who built it and the staff and students who shared its experience.
  • When the Murray Ran Clear - By Adrian Gorman (OX 1944). This is the story of Adrian’s early life, living by the Murray River as a child, moving to Melbourne to board at Xavier at the age of eleven
  • Lifeline to India - A history of the Maytime Fair
  • Red, Black and Khaki - Cadets at Xavier College
  • A Better, Gentler School - Music at Xavier College
  • Xaverians on Active Service - From South Africa to Vietnam
  • The Vision Splendid - A history of the Xavier Memorial Chapel by Frank Murphy 
  • Lift her home to Victory, Lads - A Centenary History of Xavier College Rowing (1906-2006) by Michael Lefebvre 
  • Xavier Behaviour – by Paul Henderson. An insightful look at the many elements and people that make Xavier College what it is, from a person who knows. Paul Henderson was a student, accomplished teacher at Xavier College and Director of Burke Hall Campus. 
  • Xavier Cookbook – recipes from well-known chefs and Xavier College Families 
  • One Soldier – a dramatization - Based on the letters of Julius M. Curr (1920-1942), a student at Xavier College 1933-1936- by Leonie Hurry.

If you would like more information or would like to purchase a book please contact the Community Relations Office on (03) 9854 5465 or click here to email.

Xavier News

Xavier News magazine keeps the wider Xavier Community informed of happenings across the community, students, parents, and Old Xaverians, as well as interesting historical articles that bring to life the spirit of a school. Xavier News has a circulation of 15,000 and is published three times a year.

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