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It’s acts like these that show no matter how small the difference you think you make it’s still there and at times much greater than you’d think.

Excellence in Humanity

‘Excellence in Humanity’ is our College Theme for the year. Where is the excellence in humanity? Excellence means the quality of being outstanding and humanity means human beings collectively.
So I ask you: where do you see every human excelling?
Working to create something for the greater good. This is where we start to see it, in the men around you and in yourself.

Joseph Cercone
2018 Environment Prefect

Xavier College Year 9 students discover where our recycled materials go

On Tuesday 27 February, I was privileged enough to be part of the sustainability excursion to the ‘Rethink’ Education Centre’, located at the Recycling Material Recovery Facility in Bellfield. At ‘Rethink’, recycling is sent from a number of local councils and sorted into different materials that can be reprocessed and reused. We learnt about the resources we take from the earth to create packaging; oil is used to make plastic, bauxite for aluminium, iron ore for steel cans, sand for glass and trees for making paper and cardboard. We were given a tour of the facility. Everybody was waiting for this moment. There were six different sorting machines and 60 conveyor belts. The machines were very loaded with recycled material and the smell took a while to get used to. We got into a group conversation about the importance of recycling. We discovered that the most effective way to make a change is to produce less waste. This would be hard for many people including myself, but it is the best way of tackling the issue.

Connor Egan
Year 9 Regis

The aim of the excursion was for students to learn about how comingled recycling is sorted and where it goes once it is collected from our school and homes. This has helped students to understand more about the Xavier College recycling program and empowered them to actively build a sustainable future in their communities and beyond. Material Recovery is a very topical issue as Victoria’s recycling systems are currently experiencing huge challenges due to China no longer accepting Australia’s recycled materials.

Xavier students help Melbourne Girls’ College with their Human Powered Cinema

On Friday 23 February, a group of students from Years 9 to 12 went to Melbourne Girls’ College for an hour after school to help with their annual Human Powered Moonlight Cinema. This is an event in which a movie is played using human power produced by pedalling four bikes and rowing four ergos to power eight generators that in turn charge batteries to run the projector for the cinema. The experience was a great one for all of us, and it felt good to be able to go out and support a cause that really helps the environment and raises funds for other people who do. More than that, I feel it was a good display that with enough people working together, anything is possible. In a single day, people can get together and power an entire movie. It’s acts like these that really show that, no matter how small the difference you think you make (I myself am not particularly proficient in riding bikes, nor rowing ergos), it’s much greater than you’d think, and with everybody contributing, those small contributions rapidly become larger ones.

Richard Yan
Year 9 Bellarmine


Bronwen Kellett
Sustainability Coordinator

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