Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles


Xavier College aspires to set hearts on fire by an educational commitment to a faith that does justice.


Xavier College is a Catholic school within the spiritual and educational tradition of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits).

Our inspiration is Jesus Christ, the model of fulfilled human life.

Our aim is excellence in education and the formation of reflective, compassionate and articulate men and women of Christian faith, hope and love who will provide outstanding service and leadership in our world.

Guiding Principles

  • Protecting, educating and developing the whole person
    Having a personal concern and care (Cura Personalis) for the whole life of each member of our College community. Forming our students intellectually, spiritually, morally, aesthetically, physically, socially and emotionally.
  • Formation of men and women of faith to work for justice in the world
    Forming members of our community to serve God in the world. Having a committed and practical concern for those in need, such that students, staff and parents make an explicit connection between their Catholic faith and their work for justice in the world.
  • Pursuit of excellence in humanity
    Welcoming all to Xavier College, where they can flourish and passionately pursue excellence in all things. Encouraging each person to live out his or her vocation in life by developing their God-given gifts to the best of their ability.
  • Discernment and wisdom
    Developing a self-reflective disposition in members of our community, particularly in students, preparing them to make informed decisions in accordance with their conscience. Preparing the individual to find God in all things through the use of each person’s imagination and creativity, and the integration of faith and reason.
  • Critical engagement with the world
    Courageously and respectfully engaging with world cultures and perspectives. Critically pursuing a depth of learning by reflecting on experience and being moved to action.
  • Striving for the magis
    Developing a desire to strive for the magis. The Jesuit ideal of magis is a thirst for ‘depth’, for the greater good and for the most courageous response to the challenges of our time.