Welcome to Xavier College

With passion and purpose, we seek to forge young men and women of character, of conscience, compassion and competent commitment. Within a spirit of excellence, we challenge our students to pursue their best, make a contribution and unlock their every potential.

For 140 years, we have been challenging and educating our students to strive for excellence in the development of their talent and potential through their intellectual, spiritual, moral, physical, social and emotional formation. Xavier offers a nurturing space, valuing inclusiveness and teamwork, in which students strive to discern and realise their gifts and to foster a passion for life and learning.

We also recognise that their gifts must be used not simply for the enrichment of self, but for the betterment of others. We recognise that their heart is most on fire when they are making a meaningful contribution to the world through service. Therefore, in meaningful ways, we seek to fulfil the Ignatian ideal of forming ‘men for others’ through acting in faith, for justice, and with dignity, humility and respect.

We aspire to nurture Xaverians who are able and willing, through word and deed, to pursue a courageous response to the challenges of our time and the building of a better world for all.

We invite you to use this prospectus as a starting point in discovering how Xavier College may develop the God-given gifts and talents of your son.

Wishing you every blessing,

Fr Chris Middleton SJ (Rector)
Mr William Doherty (Principal)