Inspiring Excellence Appeal

For more than 20 years now, the Xavier College Foundation has reached out to the community to seek donations as part of an annual appeal. Over the years, the generosity that our community has shown has enabled much to be achieved at the College.

Each year, Xavier College reaches out to our community of Old Xaverians, current and past parents and staff to invite them to make a tax-deductible gift to the Xavier College Foundation.

The annual appeal provides financial support for a number of different projects each year.

  • Our focus for 2020 is to raise funds for:
  • The Inspiring Excellence Bursary
  • The Indigenous Bursary
  • Senior Campus Library
  • Burke Hall Campus Library
  • Kostka Hall Campus Library
  • Heritage Buildings
  • The Benevolent Fund

Every donation, large and small, is received with gratitude and helps to consolidate what so many earlier benefactors have provided.

Our Goals

This year we encourage our community to give a gift towards a project that inspires them. In 2018, we received $182,996 from 348 gifts and in 2019, we aim to inspire not only current donors but those who may have never given before to support one of the seven projects that will benefit the College and the community.

Ways to Support

Every gift, no matter how small or large, makes a difference to the lives of students of Xavier. But is the collective power of gifts from our community that makes the biggest difference of all. Click on the Make a Gift button below, or alternatively you can contact the Xavier College Foundation Office via or 03 9854 5411

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