Our Senior School Facilities

Keenan Wing Redevelopment (Senior School)

In 2020, some prototype spaces were developed in the Keenan Wing to lead the way forward in the reimagining of new contemporary classroom learning spaces as well as House pastoral care spaces.

These spaces have provided us with the blueprint for continual improvement of the surrounding areas and importantly, through their early development, will give us the opportunity to analyse and assess their use to enable further improvements on future replications.

Eldon Hogan Performing Arts Centre (Senior School)

In 2008, the Eldon Hogan Performing Arts Centre (EHPAC), a state-of-the-art theatre complex, opened at the Senior Campus. It is used by Xavier College’s Drama and Music Departments from across both campuses and has seating capacity for up to 500 people.

Sports Centre (Senior School)

Sport, health and physical education programs are supported by the Xavier Sports Centre at the Senior Campus. The College has recently relocated and upgraded its strength and conditioning amenities.

A stunning new weights training room has been established, photos of which can be found here, along with photos of our other excellent sports facilities which include a heated indoor pool, two indoor basketball courts (also used for volleyball, badminton and futsal), outdoor flexipave and synthetic floodlit tennis courts, and six sports ovals for football (AFL), soccer and rugby. Our famous Roche Oval is now floodlit to provide extended training and playing opportunities for our students.

Students from across both campuses regularly enjoy the use of these facilities as part of their Physical Education curriculum and APS Sport competitions, as well as our Boarding program.

Historic Buildings

Wren House (Junior School - Burke Hall)

The Wren House property, listed on the Victorian Heritage Register in 1990, was held by the Wren family until 1966 when it was acquired by the College. It was purchased with the intent of providing more rooms for music and art, given the expanding student numbers at the Xavier College Junior School. 

Recent renovations, generously supported by the Eldon Hogan Trust, included painting and recarpeting, the installation of heating, cooling and new lighting, new window treatments and the renovation of the bathrooms and kitchen. 

The basement now hosts a fully equipped percussion room, the administration offices and the staff room have been rejuvenated and display cabinets and new artwork have been installed. 


South Wing (Senior School)

Foundations for the South Wing commenced in 1872, with the front of the building completed in time for classes to begin in 1878. Now hosting administration offices and the Staff Common Room and the Brennan Resource Centre, this stunning example of Victorian architecture has been beautifully maintained and remains as the centrepiece of the sprawling Senior School grounds.  

Master Plans

A comprehensive Master Plan was developed and endorsed that provided the development blueprint for the College into the foreseeable future. Encompassing the entire footprint of the College, the Master Plans for the Junior School and the Senior School ensure that the strategic vision for Xavier is aligned with the purposeful development of the College's facilities.

SC Master Plan
Master Plan for the Senior School

For further insight, look into the Senior School Master Plan.


BH Master Plan
Master Plan for the Junior School

For further images, look on the Junior School Master Plan.

House Cross Country
House Cross Country
Xavier at The Long Walk
Xavier at The Long Walk
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