Employment Opportunities

Our Context:  Employment at Xavier College

Xavier is a leading Catholic, independent school in the Jesuit tradition. Located in Kew, Melbourne, the College has two beautiful campuses – the Junior School (off Studley Park Road) that hosts a co-educational Kindergarten and enrols boys from Prep to Year 6, and the Senior School (on Barkers Rd) that offers day education for boys from Years 7-12. Boarding is available from Years 9 - 12

In 2024, all Years 7 and 8 students were located in a new dedicated precinct (Kostka Building) located at the Senior School. More details on this exciting project can be found here. Both campuses are spacious and well facilitated to offer excellent learning opportunities for our students.

Our most important assets though, are our people … the students and families that we serve, the proud Alumni and supporters of the College, and especially our teaching and professional staff who bring our inspiring programs to life.

At Xavier, we aspire to form exceptional graduates through inspiring learning experiences and our distinct Jesuit character. This Jesuit context provides an exceptional context for the holistic growth of our students and the engagement of all in our Xavier Family. We strive to be men and women for and with others who desire to make a difference in our world.

More details on the Strategic Plan XC150 that frames our intentions are found here.

“As a College, we strive to be curious and passionate about pursuing the possible. While we are living through an era of significant turmoil and challenge, it is also a period of enormous potential, a time when we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to make a difference for, and be more considerate of, the good of others and our planet. We wish to provide an education for Xaverians that honours this opportunity and responsibility.”
William Doherty, Xavier News, August 2022

Xavier takes the privilege and opportunity of being an educator and supporting our educators seriously. We wish to engage people of substance and drive and professionals of competence and passion to collaborate in our mission of cultivating an exceptional learning and teaching environment. We are delighted to receive applications and expressions of interest from prospective teachers and professional staff.

Why work at Xavier?

Xavier College is on the move! We are reimagining every aspect of our school and our offerings and we are determined to pursue possibilities.

To do this, we are a curious community that balances the desire to be progressive and to offer exceptional learning opportunities for our students with the desire to be a wholesome, authentic, personal community.
We draw deeply on our Jesuit identity and character, where we see the care for the entire person (cura personalis) as integral to our way of being.

At Xavier, we place value and thought on people, programs and places.
People and relationships are at the heart of Xavier and our wonderful community.
Our people are inspired by quality programs. Our staff teach and our students learn through the head, the heart and the hands.

Our places, our facilities, are being reimagined and are being designed to release our human potential.
Xavier desires to be an employer of choice. We offer highly competitive salaries and working conditions for our staff who we value greatly. We are striving to be progressive in our approach to the working environment and conditions for all staff.

We also desire to enable staff to continue to grow in their personal and professional capacity. We are implementing a growth coaching model to guide purposeful conversations for positive professional values and outcomes.

We are seeking to engage passionate and driven educators – teaching and professional staff – to partner with us on our mission.

Current Vacancies

College Wide

Expressions of Interest for future opportunities at Xavier

We welcome expressions of interest in leadership, general teaching, professional (General staff), casual and coaching positions from appropriately qualified, skilled and passionate educators who wish to work at the College in the future.

Interest can be registered at any time through an Expression of Interest Submission.

Enquiries can be directed to People & Culture at people.culture@xavier.vic.edu.au

Leadership through Our Pillars

Our Intent at Xavier, highlighted in our Strategic Plan, is developed through seven Pillars: Our Jesuit Identity, Our Inspiring Learning, Our Student Life, Our Xavier Family, Our Professional Expertise, Our Operational Excellence, and Our Global Engagement. Each have core Values and Priorities that direct and drive our ongoing actions. It is essential that these actions demonstrate alignment across the College, and that individual actions similarly align with values and priorities and identified actions across each of the Pillars. This is essential for leaders at the College, and that they speak purposefully and powerfully to these key pillars of action through their lived experience.

As a member of staff of the College should consistently display effective leadership traits. At Xavier, we have identified 6 traits:

  • Through Christ and IgnatiusChrist-centred and driven for the Ignatian ideals of competence, conscience, compassion and commitment
  • Aspire high and dig deep: Leading high standards and aspirational for the magis, self and team
  • Lead for person, team and mission: Distributive in leadership and respectful custodian of the tension between ‘cura personalis’ and ‘cura apostolica’
  • Host conversations with candour: Collaborative and collegial, ensuring candour in quality conversation
  • Attend to process, solutions and outcomes: Attentive to process, solutions and outcomes
  • Pursue the possible: Agents of growth, fostering a community that supports ideas, innovation, divergent thinking and the pursuit of the possible

Our Attitudes and Habits as Educators at Xavier

In alignment with the Ignatian profile of an educator in a Jesuit school, Xavier College has identified complimentary 
attitudes and habits that are essential attributes for educators at Xavier. The College recognises the power and 
critical need for individuality and diverse gifts among its members, as well as the similar requirement for an 
alignment in attitude and habit that are necessary for effective teamwork and alignment.

As a significant leader at the College, these attitudes and habits should be:

  • consistently demonstrated and modelled in all areas of endeavour
  • used to positively inform the consistent practice and standards of all educators at the College.

An educator at Xavier College:

  1. clearly models the Xavier ASPIRE Graduate qualities through teaching and personal actions
  2. conducts themselves with a clear intent to model and uphold Gospel and Ignatian values, seeking to know and develop the mission and priorities of Jesuit education
  3. demonstrably values competence and skill in the art of teaching or area of service/work, performing at or beyond a ‘highly accomplished’ level (or equivalent) in the national teaching and leadership standards
  4. demonstrates curiosity and active reflection in personal practice by engaging in and being responsive to professional feedback and conversations that are performance and growth oriented
  5. values all aspects of the role equally, seeking to meaningfully attend to tasks through competent commitment that attests to quality outcomes and performance
  6. values solving problems more than identifying them, and the collaborative and creative generation of thoughtful ideas, thereby positively contributing to all areas of College life
  7. seeks alignment and collaboration in professional activities, through respectful and empathic conversation and the desire to act for and with others
  8. is honest, trustworthy and companionable, acting with integrity in supporting others and treating all with respect
  9. works to identify and develop the inner potential, capacity and self-worth of every student and colleague
  10. understands and fosters the strategic vision of the College, as well as the holistic view of education in a Jesuit school

Professional Standards

  • All teaching staff must hold current registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.
  • Professional staff (non-teaching) must hold a current Working With Children Check E card.
  • All staff are required to acknowledge their commitment to the Xavier College Child Safety program and complete the Australian Childhood Foundation Safeguarding Children and the Province Code of Conduct training.
  • All staff are to be familiar with the College’s policies relating to compliance including Child Protection and Safety and Staff & Student Professional Boundaries and are expected to fully support the Jesuit ethos of the College.
Year 4 Ocean Grove Expedition
Year 4 Ocean Grove Expedition
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Good luck to the Class of 2023!
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Year 6 visit to St Vincent's Memory Ward
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