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Mission and Introduction

The Xavier Social Justice Network (XSJN) aims, through its actions, to bring about change in the world. The XSJN came about because of the desire of a group of like-minded Xavier parents and staff to do something about the injustice they saw in our world and to model to their children an action in response to injustice. They envisaged that combining skills and resources within the School community of Xavier College could make a difference to the lives of others and help address some of the injustices in society.

Our XSJN Mission is to work within the spiritual tradition of the Jesuits. This tradition calls us to live a faith in which social justice is at the heart. Our inspiration is Jesus Christ. As Christians we seek the common good for all, recognising the dignity of each human person, and especially focusing on those who are excluded from opportunities due to injustices in society.

We seek to engage the wider Xavier College community – Old Xaverians, current parents and their families, past parents and staff – in becoming compassionate and reflective men and women who are committed to serving those in need through direct service and through raising awareness about social justice issues.


Volunteer Opportunities

The Xavier Social Justice Network invites the Xavier College community to engage in volunteer work with social service agencies which support vulnerable people. You can find a list of our wonderful volunteer opportunities here.

As we approach Christmas, there are a number of additional ways to get involved to help support our partner agencies and make a difference to the lives of others. Check them out here.

Soup Van

Volunteer Events

As a way of bringing our new XSJN Volunteers together, we have customarily organised an XSJN Volunteer gathering each term. These evenings are a chance to bring Network volunteers together, share stories, induct new members and learn about new volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in becoming an XSJN volunteer, we would encourage you to attend an XSJN Volunteering evening.

Volunteer Events

Advocacy Events

The XSJN seeks to help change the structures that keep people in poverty and social isolation. Therefore, the XSJN holds several advocacy events each year to raise awareness on important and current social justice issues and to challenge our understanding of them. This includes the annual Xavier Social Justice Network Dinner in support of Jesuit Refugee Service Australia and the annual advocacy forum, Dare to be Different. These advocacy events always include a call to action and strive to change our participants’ understanding of the systemic issues and thinking that creates injustice. “Magis on the margins” is an Ignatian way of saying that we seek to do the most deeply and integrally good thing for and with those marginalised and most in need. Acting thus confronts the issues that are difficult and takes courage. So, in selecting issues for advocacy, we look to confront the difficult issues on the margins.

XSJN Dinner in Support of Jesuit Refugee Service

The XSJN Dinner in support of Jesuit Refugee Service was finally held on July 15. The XSJN Committee were very grateful and relieved to have been able to proceed with the event and to finally hold it after all the preparation and hard work and having already rescheduled it once before. You can find more information on the night here.

Dare to be Different Forums

The Dare To Be Different forum for 2021 was held on 2 September as an online event for the second year in a row. Last year, the DTBD was presented as a series of four interviews with key people experienced in the prison system. The wide-ranging series focussed on the human face of prisons, looking at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people in prison, and broadly on the factors often leading to people entering the justice system and the structural changes that are needed to improve our justice system. This year the Dare To Be Different forum narrowed its focus to the experiences of Indigenous people in the justice system. The theme was: ‘Honouring the space between no longer and not yet’. Our aim was to learn more and understand better as a community the experiences of Indigenous people in relation to the justice system. Please click on this link to watch the DTBD forum for 2021.

These annual forums are a much-lauded part of the XSJN calendar and not to be missed. You can learn more about them by viewing last year's forum, held as a series of four interviews here

XSJN Newsletters

The XSJN newsletter also serves to inform members of current issues and offers ways for people to get involved to work towards positive solutions. There is no cost to becoming a member of the Xavier Social Justice Network or to subscribe to our eNewsletter. If you would like to subscribe to our regular eNewsletter or to find out more about the Network please contact us:

XSJN Coordinator: Ms Danusia Kaska
Telephone: (03) 9815 4891
Email: XSJN@xavier.vic.edu.au

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XSJN Committee

The XSJN Committee is made up of members of the Network, including current and former parents, Old Xaverians and staff of Xavier College. The Committee defines the strategy of the XSJN and sets the direction of the Network. The Committee works hard throughout the year, including in discerning the themes for advocacy events and the agencies which to partner with. The events and activities of the XSJN are run and supported by the XSJN Committee and its members.

'Year in Review' 2020

Additional Resources

XSJN Introductory Flyer
XSJN Handbook