Our Pillars

Our Intent is developed through seven Pillars, each of which have core values and priorities that direct and drive our ongoing actions.

  • Our Jesuit Identity

    Nurture discipleship, promote personal formation, foster liturgical life and prayer and enhance the practice of Ignatian service. 

  • Our Inspiring Learning

    Foster an aspirational culture, promote aligned teaching and learning methodology, develop a progressive curriculum, create impactful learning programs, dynamically utilise data.

  • Our Student Life

          Foster a supportive and aspirational student culture in an environment that prioritises wellbeing, enable student voice,                    participation, responsibility and leadership, advance student awareness of their own capacity and the needs of others.

  • Our Xavier Family

    Emphasise the quality of relationships throughout the wider College community, enhance the capacity for effective engagement, promote connectivity, collaboration and partnerships and support the work of the Xavier College Foundation. 

  • Our Professional Expertise

    Develop exemplary structures for staff professional development, formation and growth, support and enhance staff health and wellbeing, enhance progressive professional practice, foster a stimulating professional environment for staff. 

  • Our Operational Excellence

    Achieve excellence in policy frameworks, documentation and implementation, achieve excellence in operational management and financial stewardship, effectively utilise data, implement exceptional ICT systems, enhance the educational setting for students. 

  • Our Global Engagement

    Develop global perspectives and awareness, extend global awareness and mindsets to campus-based learning experiences, provide specific, transformative global experiences, enhance student and staff perspectives of the global Jesuit network and promote a culture of internationalism and global mindedness, collaboration and connectivity. 

Read about our Current Actions in relation to these Pillars.

House Cross Country
House Cross Country
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Xavier at The Long Walk
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