Child Safety & Care

Xavier College’s fundamental responsibility is the care, safety and wellbeing of all students whilst in our care. There is a moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for all our students. Xavier College is committed to the protection of all our students from all forms of abuse. The College has zero tolerance for child abuse and is committed to acting in the best interests of all children and keeping them safe from harm. The College recognises its responsibilities, as an organisation that provides services to children and to implement and uphold the Child Safe Standards established by Ministerial Order 1359.

The College regards its child safety and wellbeing responsibilities with the utmost importance. It is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all child safety and protection laws and regulations and to always uphold a child safe and wellbeing culture in the physical and online environment. The College demonstrates this commitment through the implementation of a comprehensive child safety and wellbeing framework designed to keep children safe. Further, students at our College, through our actions, processes and support, are empowered to have voice and to take action for their own care.

Child Safety

Listed below are a number of key policies and critical actions within the Xavier College Child Protection and Safety Program:

Student Care

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