Our Sustainability Solar panels

Our Sustainability

We have a commitment to caring for our natural environment and aspire to encourage our students and staff to adopt sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

Our students are invested in their commitment to the environment. At the Senior Campus, we have a Sustainability Committee who are committed to finding ways to lessen our impact and educate others on the importance of sustainability.

In March 2017, a number of students from Burke Hall Campus and the Senior Campus launched the ‘Repower our School’ campaign to raise awareness and funds in the hope of installing solar panels at the College. As the 2017 Environment Prefect Patrick Martin stated, “We want Xavier to lead by example and take meaningful action on climate change”.
As part of the campaign, students created a petition that was launched at a Senior Campus BBQ and was followed up at the Maytime Fair and in school newsletters. The petition amassed 430 signatures in a period of a week and the Sustainability Committee, dividing itself into focus groups, worked with energy consultants specialising in LED and solar installation to prepare a business case. 

Solar Panels

Environmental sustainability is also integrated into the College curriculum. At Kostka Hall Campus, Foundation students learnt about services provided to the community and as part of this, took on the responsibility of caring for a community garden.

Gloves were donned and gardening tools retrieved to help prepare the garden beds. Foundation students were allocated to different garden beds to plant the new vegetables in clusters.


The students took great delight in using small watering cans to make sure the newly planted seedlings were well watered.