Boarding Culture

In the Xavier College Boarding House, we strive to foster a strong sense of community with all the freedom, responsibilities and obligations that this entails. This is evident in both the daily routines (where students are expected to participate in a number of tasks appropriate to each age level) and in the specially organised activities that may take priority over individual pursuits.

We actively promote leadership skills and a sense of independent responsibility. There are many different programs that operate within the boarding house that were designed to lead to personal growth in these areas.

The boarding house runs on a presumption of trust. There is a series of clearly explained expectations and principles that are designed to enable students to make reasonable choices in all situations. Consequently there is an important reliance on the conscience of each boy.

The Xavier Boarding House seeks to enhance each boy's sense of respect for the members of his community. The relatively small size of the house ensures that students know one another well and are therefore in a position to contribute positively to the learning and development of their fellow boarders. This smaller scale also enables a degree of flexibility and a more personal approach in the administration of the house.