Our Enrolment Process

  1. All parents are strongly encouraged to develop an understanding of the values and direction of Xavier College prior to making an application. We trust that this website, along with our supporting documents such as our Strategic Plan XC150, are useful sources to assist in developing this understanding. College Tours also represent another important channel, with information about our tours available through this link.
  2. Parents are welcome to submit an application for the prospective future enrolment of your child. This application will be confirmed and your child’s name registered on our application lists upon the completion of our online form and the payment of a non-refundable payment of $150.
    To enrol today, access the online Enrolment Form through this link.
  3. Two years prior to the preferred year of entry, the College will contact parents to confirm their interest and to arrange for the completion of the next stage of the admissions process. Details about the educational history of the child are requested, along with any other information that would be relevant to confirm an accurate understanding of the child and their abilities, interests and capacity. Once received and based on the number and correlation of applications, an interview may be offered to a prospective student and their parents.
  4. An interview does not guarantee a place or an offer of enrolment. All applicants will be considered on their merits and in accord with the entry preferences and criteria of the College. Once the application process has been concluded, and when the full range of applicants have been considered (most usually in the main intake year levels of Year 5 and Year 7), offers of enrolment are made.
  5. Accepted students at Xavier are required to undertake an academic assessment prior to their entry at the College. This should correlate with the educational account provided in application and is used by the College’s academic learning team to best prepare for the arrival and education of each child. 

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Enrolment Policy

Our Invitation

Welcome to Xavier College. Thank you for your interest.

In 2028, Xavier will celebrate 150 years of Jesuit education. While it is a milestone that speaks to many generations and lives developed and connected through their holistic experiences at Xavier, we are ever mindful that ongoing relevance and legacy require an evolving vision. We are entirely centred on our aspiration of developing not simply the fullest capacity of our College, but more so, the fullest capacity of each and every individual who walks through our gates.  Our Ignatian heritage recognises this as both an expression of Cura Personalis, or care of the individual, and a desire for the Magis, or depth, and for human excellence. 

Our recently released Strategic Plan XC150 holds true to our enduring Jesuit ideals and character as it centres us on the formation of exceptional graduates - authentic, spiritual, positive, inspiring, resilient, empathetic young men who act for and with others and who will have the capability and determination to make a positive difference in their world. This has never been more relevant or important. It is at the heart of what we do, of how we care for and challenge ourselves and our students - to grow and to flourish.

Your consideration of our Strategic Plan XC150 will add to your understanding of our intent as we move forward with purpose. We greatly respect the important process of seeking an education for your child or children. We commit ourselves to enabling you to gain a true understanding of the quality and intent of our education, complete with its great diversity of people, programs and places.

In association with XC150, the College is currently in the final stages of its strategic deliberations and will soon be sharing the substance of our considerations. This will help to inform the scheduling of our Discovery Tours among many avenues that will enable you to gain a sense of Xavier and all that lies within our Jesuit heart. 

So again, welcome to Xavier and thank you for your interest. My colleagues and I are keen to explore with you the opportunities that lie ahead of us all.

William Doherty


Our Tours

Tours present a wonderful opportunity to explore our grounds and facilities. After an address from members of our staff leadership team, our student leaders guide small groups through the campus, highlighting prominent areas and buildings, providing historical insight and discussing how our facilities enliven students' diverse interests. 

Learn more about Our Transport Options, including the private bus service from Glenferrie Station.
Learn more about Our Scholarships and Bursaries.
Learn more about our Terms and Conditions of enrolment.

Junior School (3-year-old kindergarten - Year 6)
Small Group Discovery Tour 
Friday 22 March 2024

Senior School (Years 7 - 12)
Small Group Discovery Tour
Saturday 16 March 2024

Bookings are now open. Click on the links above or call our admissions team on 03 9854 5307 to find out more.

Or to enrol today, access the online Enrolment Form through this link.

House Cross Country
House Cross Country
Xavier at The Long Walk
Xavier at The Long Walk
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