Make a Complaint, We Listen and Improve

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction made to the College by a parent and/or a member of the community, and where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected by the complainant. This could relate to, but is not limited to, issues regarding the practice of teaching, the College's operations, unprofessional conduct at the College or any matter deemed to be significant.

The College accepts that complaints may either be formal or informal.

An informal complaint is understood by the College and this Policy as a ‘concern.’ It is generally less serious in nature and may arise from a stakeholder (e.g. a parent) having a contrary view to the College and/or a College decision. The complainant will generally not require a formal investigation into the complaint.

A formal complaint is typically very significant or serious in the nature of the matter. It will result in a formal process and investigation, overseen by the College’s Complaints Officer, that will necessarily require the comprehensive assembly of information, interviewing of various people as relevant to the matter, reference to members of the College Executive and wider reference to other bodies or authorities as might be relevant to the investigation and complaint.

Any complaint other than a ‘concern’ should be deemed as a formal complaint.

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