India Immersion

The Immersion was quite the adventure to say the least. From traveling through the old British cities of Calcutta and Delhi on tuktuks, to the five-hour off-road treks through the countryside, we had so many incredible experiences during our time in India.  

In Bokaro Steel City, we found ourselves sharing stories with two Old Xavierians from the 1950s. They were living quietly at the age of 90-plus, willingly giving counselling sessions to the children down the road at the school they started named St Xavier’s. Here we engaged in conversation with the students and we soon found evidence of the strong bonds between them and their teachers, much like we have here. 

It was amazing that almost half way around the world, the same culture exists in all Jesuit schools. 

Alistair Barr (OX 2019)

On our last day in the country, we visited Agra, just outside of Delhi - some of you may know it as the home of the Taj Mahal. As we got off the train, we met a local taxi driver. He had driven that taxi for 50 plus years in order to send his kids through university. Through this chance encounter, we now had a car and a tour guide for the entire day. He organized tuk tuks to take us to and from the Taj, took us to Agra’s Red Fort, and gave us a comprehensive local’s tour of the region’s finest shopping. At one point, he even left us alone in his car as he went and bought a traditional piece of Indian clothing for one of my peers. 

It was just one example of the level of humility and selflessness present in so many in India.

Mitchell Stuckey (OX 2019)