The 'Manresa' Precinct

The 'Manresa' precinct is a state of the art learning facility located at our Senior Campus. Developed as the new centre of learning for a small group of Year 7s and 8s both relocated from the Kostka Hall Campus and other schools, it's to be the heartbeat of our Junior teaching and learning programs on the Senior Campus as we work towards the establishment of the new 'Kostka' building in 2024.  

The Building Journey (taken from Ireland Brown Construction website)

Early Works

The existing basement was a cold shell space with an existing lift shaft with no lift and concrete stair access. The early works involved civil works, the demolition of the existing internal staircase, construction of lift shaft wall, construction of a retaining wall, and penetration for lift access and stairs adjacent to lift.

Fit Out Works

Following the early works, the main works involved a classroom fitout including three teaching spaces, break out spaces, support spaces and amenities, installation of a lift to the external courtyard of the Eldon Hogan Performing Arts Centre to integrate the new facilities into the existing school building. The new space features a suspended timber structure in which the teaching spaces are located.


Construction was finished in January 2022, in time to welcome students and staff for the new school year. 

On 2nd February 2022, parents and guardians were welcomed in for a tour. 

View a time-lapse of the 'Manresa' construction journey.

Empty Shell

Halfway there - Manresa

Framed Classroom - Manresa

Completed 1 - Manresa

Completed 2 - Manresa

Parents entering Manresa

Parents touring Manresa

House Cross Country
House Cross Country
Xavier at The Long Walk
Xavier at The Long Walk
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