Our Campuses

Our Campuses

At Xavier College, we nurture and educate students from 3-year old Kindergarten all the way through to their Year 12 VCE results celebrations. We have three campuses: Kostka Hall in Brighton, Burke Hall in Kew and the Senior Campus, also in Kew.

Burke Hall Campus

At Burke Hall, we introduce students to learning from their Early Years (3-year-old Kindergarten through to Year 4) and continue to develop their skills and knowledge from the Middle Years (Year 5 to Year 8). 

We enrol both girls and boys up until Year 4. In the Middle Years (Years 5 to 8), a time of the greatest growth intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually, we offer single-sex boys’ education.


The Burke Hall campus caters for approximately 720 students at its Kew location. The buildings of Burke Hall form part of a trio of mansions of the hill known as Studley Park. After the Studley Hall property was gifted to the Jesuits in 1920 through the generosity of Thomas Burke, the Xavier Preparatory School was first opened the following year. You can take a look at the beautiful site it is today here.

Kostka Hall Campus

At Kostka Hall, we cater to Middle Years students (Years 6 to 8). This is a time of the greatest growth intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually, where we offer single-sex boys’ education.


The foundation buildings of Kostka Hall were purchased as part of an estate. Before the Campus could open in 1937, the Brighton property underwent extensive works to become suitable for school life. Since then, the property has seen the construction of numerous buildings to enrich developments in education and support our growing community. Four years ago, the Middle Years areas were refurbished and now contain contemporary, comfortable places that enhance our learning. 

Senior Campus

At our Senior Campus, we educate students from Years 9 to 12 (Senior Years), also providing them with the opportunity to board. The Senior Campus supports approximately 1000 students at its Kew location.

Senior Campus

Xavier College first opened on Barkers Road in 1878 and to this day enlightens generations of fine young men. Home to the iconic Xavier Memorial Chapel, the Senior Campus is a culmination of modern innovation and rich historical preservation.

In the years since the foundation stone was first laid in 1872, the Xavier College grounds have continued to be upgraded and refined. More recently, the Senior Campus constructed the Eldon Hogan Performing Arts Centre, a state-of-the-art facility for the Arts.