Our House Mass Student Reflections

House Masses bring our communities together and give Senior students a chance to reflect on their time at the College.

"I like to look at this period as a great contrast to our outside lockdown life, to  really help myself understand how we shouldn’t take this lifestyle for granted, and thus, when given the opportunity to walk the halls and participate in co-curricular activities,  we need to take that chance to put our best foot forward". The latest reflection was given by Gonzaga House President Sam Purcell.

Sam Purcell

"Learn from others’ journeys to inspire you to create your own. You may not be able to change history, but you can make a difference in the moment". Ricci House President Ben Saliba gave this reflection.

Ben Saliba

"Engaging in Ignatian Service has given me enormous fulfilment and helped me further appreciate the fortunate position which we are all in at Xavier". Spinola House President Jake Agelopoulous gave this reflection

Jake Agelopoulos

"Although we will always need to focus on becoming the best men we can be and achieving the goals that we all strive for, I challenge you to enjoy each day as it comes, remain in the present and you’ll be amazed how much joy you’ll find". Claver House President Joe Prowse gave this reflection.

Joe Prowse

"We will always have a choice to enrich ourselves, to go that extra yard further, but it is up to us to take that opportunity by the scruff of the neck". Cheshire House President Will Troy gave this reflection.

Will Troy

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House Cross Country
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Xavier at The Long Walk
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