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Kerrin Hancock

In recognition of 25 years of loyal and dedicated service to Xavier College.


In 1994, Kerrin was appointed by Headmaster Fr Stoney SJ, Director of Burke Hall Paul Henderson and Director of Music Jim Provan, at the Burke Hall Campus. Kerrin promptly set about establishing a formal program of music study in both classroom and cocurricular settings.


Along with consolidating the connection between music at Burke Hall and Wren House, Kerrin established a number of key programs. These included the Year 5 instrumental program and the establishment of the Year 3/4 strings program in the then new Burke Hall Early Years and the home of the Burke Hall choir. 

Kerrin is a strong supporter of sport alongside music as a key learning experience for students, most notably in his connection with Sailing and Cross Country. 

In his leadership role as College Organist, his accompaniment at Masses on both the organ and piano has been a constant for the last 25 years. His spirit of generosity and giving should be acknowledged as an example for all, as both a staff member and a long-term supporter for student learning at Xavier College.

Sursum Corda