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Our Professional Growth

Xavier College is committed to providing an environment that encourages our staff in all their professional endeavours, and supports them in achieving a fulfilling and enjoyable career progression and growth.

Our Professional Growth

As a Jesuit school we aspire to intellectual rigour and human excellence, and this is true for our staff members as much as our students. Through the College’s professional learning program, each staff member is encouraged to pursue learning opportunities that are challenging, enriching, and inspiring, and directly enhance each individual skill set. 
All staff have the opportunity over the duration of any year to pursue learning, whether it be a course, workshop or conference relevant to their field. In addition, staff are encouraged to undertake mentoring roles for new professional and teaching staff members, including Provisionally Registered teachers and student teachers. The College also offers financial support to staff who choose to embark on formal postgraduate study or other study programs that relate to their profession and career goals. 

All teaching staff take part in a fortnightly program of professional learning which builds on teaching and learning theory and practice. This aspect of our professional learning is a direct reflection of the College’s commitment to prioritising professional accompaniment by exemplifying the discernment of knowledge into evidence-based action. 

Our professional learning program is not just about professional skills. It is about helping our staff to genuinely be the best people they can be. Our staff, like our students, are encouraged to be lifelong learners.