Our Master Plan

In 2020, Xavier announced a key restructure of the College, centred across two campuses with Burke Hall to become a Kindergarten to Year 6 Junior School from 2024 and the Senior Campus embracing Years 7 and 8 students in that same year and serving Years 7 to 12.

Consequently, a comprehensive Master Plan was developed and endorsed that provides the development blueprint for the College into the foreseeable future. Encompassing the entire footprint of the College, the Master Plans for the Junior School (Burke Hall) and the Senior School ensure that the strategic vision for Xavier is aligned with the purposeful development of our facilities.

Master Plan for the Junior School (Burke Hall) - campus overview


JS Campus Sketch
Junior School (Burke Hall) campus sketch (eastern precinct)


Master Plan for the Senior School - campus overview

An insight into these Master Plans can be found here.

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