College Board

Xavier College is an incorporated entity with a Board that is responsible for the local governance and management of the school. It is the legal entity that conducts the College and is the employer of all the staff at the school.

The announcement of the change to the College governance structure was signalled by the Provincial in October 2017. The correspondence of Fr Brian McCoy SJ can be found here.

The Chair and the Directors of the Board are appointed by Jesuit Education Australia (JEA) taking into account nominations from the Chair of the Board and / or the Provincial. The Board is a non- representative body made up of Directors with an appropriate range of skills, experience and expertise including the ability to understand and competently deal with current and emerging issues in connection with Jesuit education. The Principal and the Rector are not members of the Board but report to the Board and attend all its meetings. They have the ability to speak at meetings but not vote on any decisions.

There are five Committees of the Board as follows:

  • Finance and Audit
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Strategic Planning and Monitoring
  • Planning and Building
  • Nominations

Further information regarding the Board and JEA can be found here.

The Board attendees are: