A Jesuit education promotes intellectual achievement and outstanding academic results. It also inspires each student to discover his or her unique gifts and develop them fully.

Xavier College has always provided both a first-class grounding in all the traditional core subjects and a breadth of learning experience which includes the compulsory study of a language other than English (LOTE) until the end of Year 9. At each campus, Learning Enhancement Centres meet the special needs of students who wish to extend the scope of their studies or who need consolidation in basic learning areas.

In Years 5 to 8, the curriculum is taught sequentially using an integrated approach that links subjects through common themes. The program gives students increased responsibility for their own learning, and emphasises negotiation skills and peer support. It allows students to progress according to their differing rates of accomplishment.

In Years 9 and 10, the extensive range of course options enables students to tailor their studies according to their emerging interests and talents.

The programs are also designed to increase their understanding of the specialist subject disciplines they are considering for the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), so that they can make fully informed choices.

In Years 11 and 12, students can again choose from a very wide range of courses. Most commonly they undertake the VCE, but Vocational Education and Training (VET) units and some university studies are also offered.

Xavier College’s academic results at VCE are always of the highest standard, reflecting the school’s commitment to excellence both in terms of teaching standards and expectations of students. 

With assistance from a dynamic Careers Education program, all Xavier College students acquire, by their final year, not only a sound knowledge of specific subject disciplines but also a realistic appreciation of their individual interests and intellectual capabilities.

Xavier College is accredited to deliver the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. There is a strong alignment between this program and the philosophy and characteristics of a Jesuit education; both focus on the growth of the whole child: intellectually, spiritually, aesthetically, socially, emotionally and physically, in the classroom and the wider world.

We have developed a comprehensive curriculum which emphasises the importance of trans-disciplinary learning: the need to acquire skills in context, and to explore knowledge that is relevant to their lives.

To read our Principles of Curriculum, please click here.

  • Senior Years

    Care of individual students is given a high priority at the Senior Campus. Students are divided into ten Houses, with an integral aspect of the House system being Tutor groups. On entry to Year 9, each student is assigned a tutor who oversees not only the academic progress of the student for the final four years of his secondary education, but also his well-being and sense of belonging.

    As well as wide curriculum offerings, broad opportunities exist for the education of the whole person, which is central to a Jesuit education. These opportunities include:

    • Ignatian Service programs
    • Public speaking competitions
    • Artists and writers-in-residence.
    • Peer leadership through Pastoral programs
    • Inter-school and House Debating
    • Drama productions with neighbouring schools
    • Musical soirées, concerts and recitals
    • Dancing classes
    • A challenging outdoor education program
    • Student magazine production
    • Retreats and Reflection days.

  • Middle Years

    Xavier College offers a curriculum which is designed to enable students to develop their skills though a broad range of subject areas, supported by the Learning Enhancement Centre programs. All staff members are resourced to assist students in learning, to challenge them to achieve their best and to provide a stimulating learning environment.

    At Xavier College, the Middle Years Program caters for the individual needs of boys aged 11-14 (Years 5 to 8)

    Adolescent learning is enhanced when students are given greater choice in, and responsibility for, their learning. Our aim is to set student hearts on fire, equipping them to be young men of compassion, commitment and competency. This is achieved through student-centred learning methodologies, a broad skills-based curriculum and various leadership opportunities.

    The following features characterise the Xavier Middle Years:

    • A pastoral program that supports the emotional and developmental needs of boys.
    • A 1:1 mobile device program that enhances new technologies into learning and teaching by integrating  new technologies that support a contemporary and relevant education.
    • Co-curricular activities that offer experience for a variety of learning styles.
    • A strong and vibrant commitment to Ignatian service and social justice.
    • Being passionate about finding God in all things.
    • A pastoral program that supports the emotional and developmental needs of boys.
    • Fostering positive and respectful relationships within our community. This is supported by a restorative practices approach to conflict resolution.
    • A Xavier College Middle School student is involved in sporting, dramatic, musical and artistic pursuits. 

  • Early Years

    Kindergarten (3 and 4 year olds) and Primary (Foundation to Year 4)

    Jesuit values combined with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) enables close attention to be paid to your son and daughter in a nurturing environment - smaller classes and specialist teachers set us apart.  The design, content and delivery of the Early Years Curriculum is based on the Ignatian Philosophy and the characteristics of a Jesuit Education within the framework and philosophy of the IB PYP. There is a strong alignment between both, which allows for a rich curriculum for our students.

    We believe it is crucial to know and understand each child in our care. Our smaller campuses at Burke Hall, Kew and Kostka Hall, Brighton, allows us to develop strong personal relationships with students and work in partnership with parents. Our individualised programs give students the opportunities to learn in flexible groupings that may consist of a whole class, small groups or individually in their Homeroom and in specialist subjects.

    As an IB World School, we promote a transdisciplinary approach, which incorporates and teaches many of our traditional subjects (English, Mathematics, Religious Education, Science, Humanities and ICT) through our Programme of Inquiry. These subjects are also taught as stand-alone subjects.

  • Library

    The Xavier College Libraries, on each of the three campuses, are an integral part of the teaching and learning community because they:

    • provide a wide range of print and non-print resources relevant to the curriculum and recreational needs of the users
    • promote a reading culture which supports and enriches reading for pleasure and develops an appreciation of literature
    • promote information literacy across the curriculum, in collaboration with classroom teachers, thereby ensuring that Xavier students are empowered to be lifelong independent learners and confident users of information.